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5 Updates Coming to Walt Disney World in 2024

As many things are getting back to "normal" after the long-lingering affects of travel from Covid, Walt Disney World in Florida released 5 new updates today that will be in effect beginning in January 2024. This will make your trip more flexible, more tasty, and more fun! Check it out below!

What does this mean for you?

1 - You don't have to pre-pick the parks you want to go to ahead of time! It is still a good idea to have some ideas of what park you'd like to do what day, but no more park reservations will be needed!

3 - Dining Plans are coming back! Book a dining plan to work some, or most, of your meals into your overall package price. Then when you're in the parks, you don't have to worry about how much your meal costs as long as you have the dining plan credits for it!

4 - More theme park time! Woohoo! Disney Resort Guests will continue to have early theme park admission and extended evening hours through 2024.

Thinking of going to Disney World in 2024? Let's chat and get you ready to book when bookings open at the end of this month. Lock in the price now - we can always watch for a discount later on, but the prices most likely will only go up!


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